Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sequatchie River Highway 127 to Condra Switch Road

Estimated Length:  9miles                           
Date: August 14, 2011
Weather:  Sunny and Hot
Time on River: 4-5 hours
River Conditions: Class I
Distance from Nashville: 2 hours
Close By: Town of  Dunlap about 35 miles northwest of  Chattanooga

Overview: Lex and I took this trip with our son Nick earlier this summer after spending the night in Chattanooga. We had heard the Canoe Sequatchie outfitters where no longer in business so we borrowed a friends kayak. The outfitters are indeed trying to sell their business and are not currently running the river. The Sequatchie Valley is gorgeous, being one of only two rift valleys in the world, the other is in Africa. On the west side is the Walden Ridge and the Cumberland Plateau is on the east.  The rift valley is formed between these 2 parallel geological faults. Not sure what that means but it does make for  a very dramatic back drop when canoeing down the river.
  The part of the Sequatchie we paddled is narrower than its sister rivers the Buffalo or Duck. But more than enough room for us to maneuver our Old Town canoe. The river has great easy riffles and lots of gravel bars to pull over on. The mountains on both sides gave a very regal feel to this paddle trip. We has a great day on the river!

Put-In: Is located at the Highway 127 Bridge, which is where the Canoe Sequatchie outfitters are located. They did not mind us using their facilities to put our boats in and let us park our car in their lot.

Take-Out: Is between Highway 28 and 283 on Condra Switch Road right after you go under the bridge. We left our car along the river close to a corn field. The take-out is difficult due to the steep bank.

Father and Son Getting Ready

  •  Lots of shade the whole length of the trip.
  • We did not see another person the whole time we were on the river.
  • Gorgeous scenery

What to watch out for:
  • Deadfall and strainers
  • The take out point at Condra Switch Road has a steep incline.

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